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s t e v e n c o h e n

terça-feira, setembro 26, 2006

5 Angels For The Millennium

Fire Angel

Departing Angel

Ascending Angel

(...)From Five Angels for the Millennium (2001), five individual video sequences (Birth Angel; Fire Angel; Ascending Angel; Creation Angel; and Departing Angel, pictured) projected directly onto the walls of a darkened gallery.
'Five Angels came out of a three day shoot in Long Beach that I had undertaken for several other projects. All I knew was that I wanted to film a man plunging into water, sinking down, below, out of frame - drowning. 'A year or so later, going through this old footage, I came across five shots of this figure and started working with them - intuitively and without a conscious plan. I became completely absorbed by this man sinking in water, and by the sonic and physical environment I had in mind for the piece.
'When I showed the finished work to Kira [Perov], my partner, she pointed out something I had not realised until that moment: this was not a film of a drowning man. Somehow, I had unconsciously run time backwards in the five films, so all but one of the figures rush upwards and out of the water. I had inadvertently created images of ascension, from death to birth.' Bill Viola, 3 June 2003

sexta-feira, setembro 22, 2006

Post Sherrie Levine

Sherrie Levine por Dylan Stone, : Interieur de Mme D petite rentiere B du Port Royal, 2002
Shoebox, cardboard, watercolor, foamboard

Motion Sickness II

«The masses are rushing, running, charging through the age. They think they are advancing, but they are simply running on the spot and falling into the void, that is all», observed Kafka.
Ob_Served Procktor

Rush Hour, bronze, 1983
George Segal (1924-2000)

Motion sickness

«The masses are rushing, running, charging through the age. They think they are advancing, but they are simply running on the spot and falling into the void, that is all», observed Kafka.
Giacomo Balla, Plastic Construction of Noise and Speed

quinta-feira, setembro 21, 2006

Toxic Schizophrenia

Toxic Schizophrenia
Tim Noble and Sue Webster
1997, 516 UFO caps, lamps and holders, 6mm foamex, vinyl, aerosol
260 x 200 cm

quarta-feira, setembro 20, 2006

James Rosenquist, I Love You with My Ford, 1961

domingo, setembro 17, 2006

...and WHO represents YOU my dear?

Simon Bedwell
Untitled (Your Worst Fear)

spray paint on found poster
75 x 55.5 cm

Clothing as Communicator

An Opening: sweatpants designed by Patrick Killoran to satisfy male physical urges and pleasures.

Inflatable Breasts Dress - Now, you can pump up your breasts to whatever size you want, and adjust them on the fly. Because of the location of the valves, you can inflate your breasts before you put on the dress, or have someone else blow them up for you while you wear it.

sábado, setembro 16, 2006

Post Rietveld

Sherrie Levine, S/título, segundo Rietveld, 2000.

sexta-feira, setembro 15, 2006

Post Mondrian

Gerrit Rietveld, Casa Schroder em Utrecht, Holanda, 1924 -1925.

quinta-feira, setembro 14, 2006

Post Benedita

Piet Mondrian – Tableau I, 1921
Tom Wesselmann, stillife nº 20, 1962

Wolfgang Tillmans, Lutz & Alex holding cock, 1992.

terça-feira, setembro 12, 2006

Family Business

Mitch Epstein série Family Business 2000-2003

(o meu contributo para a arrumação da casa)

Ao Pontifex Brillo...

... daqui, ou daí, dali quiçá, resultem as consequências futuras das nossas detergências...
Coke Wisdom O'Neal, Stranger (face)

louise lawler, pollock and turen (arranged by mr and mrs burton tremaine), 1984
louise lawler, I-O, 1993 (museum box)

domingo, setembro 10, 2006

Joseph Cornell

Joseph Cornell, Untitled (Penny Arcade Portrait of Lauren Bacall), 1945-46

sexta-feira, setembro 08, 2006

Max Ernst, Celebes or Elephant Celebes

quarta-feira, setembro 06, 2006

Odalisca III _ Cenas Domésticas

Duane Hanson: Housewife ,1970 I Ron Mueck: Pinocchio,1996
Robert Rauschenberg. Summer Rental No. 2

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Dusty Spring

da série UEM

Há aqui um lapso, é evidente. Ou um salto para outro plano. Mandei a Umbelina procurar pelos cantos e recantos da velha casa deserta o óculo do meu teodolito, depois fui para o liceu.

Seria isto?

Luís Pacheco, in O Teodolito

Venezianischer Barock

Erwin Wurm, "Venezianischer Barock", 2005

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Wayne Theibaud - Lemon Meringue Pie - 1964
( Post dedicado ao colega Merdinhas )