terça-feira, setembro 26, 2006

5 Angels For The Millennium

Fire Angel

Departing Angel

Ascending Angel

(...)From Five Angels for the Millennium (2001), five individual video sequences (Birth Angel; Fire Angel; Ascending Angel; Creation Angel; and Departing Angel, pictured) projected directly onto the walls of a darkened gallery.
'Five Angels came out of a three day shoot in Long Beach that I had undertaken for several other projects. All I knew was that I wanted to film a man plunging into water, sinking down, below, out of frame - drowning. 'A year or so later, going through this old footage, I came across five shots of this figure and started working with them - intuitively and without a conscious plan. I became completely absorbed by this man sinking in water, and by the sonic and physical environment I had in mind for the piece.
'When I showed the finished work to Kira [Perov], my partner, she pointed out something I had not realised until that moment: this was not a film of a drowning man. Somehow, I had unconsciously run time backwards in the five films, so all but one of the figures rush upwards and out of the water. I had inadvertently created images of ascension, from death to birth.' Bill Viola, 3 June 2003

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Lis disse...

Que belas imagens! Deve ser impressionante in loco e o facto de ser ascendente em vez de descendente,como era o propósito do autor, torna a coisa melhor!

merdinhas disse...

Mais uma alegoria para este milénio....
Gostava de ver os videos. LINK há?

@ disse...

pois! só encontrei um nikinho no you tube e achei que nem valia a pena estar a colocar aqui, mas coloca o título no google- encontras o mesmo que eu!

Benedita, preciso falar contigo.quero propor umas alterações aos segredos.

sabr disse...

Bonito...na china havia o bando dos 4...alegorias são perigosas. Bom dia.