domingo, julho 26, 2009

Everybody Talks About Freedom, Dag Taeldeman

Everybody talks about freedom freedom
So let's get some
Everything's good good
Great great
Normal liberal
Acceptable adorable
Ignorable ignorable
Damn!!! Right!

You can be a fascist, communist,
Racist, Budhist
Catholic, Muslim,
Scientist, terrorist,
Jesus Christ, Anti Christ,
As long as you don't bother anyone
Damn!!! Right!

What about dildo's, god knows we need those
Gucci Prada
Dolce Gabana
Sexslaves Lexus
Mercedes mistress
Anal bleeching
Implants webcams

What about fashion
Passion compassion
The need to express the extreme
The obscene the obscure
The smuth the puss
The filth the dirt
Perverse exuberant
As long as you pay for your excess
Let me give it to you in Croatian!
Damn!!! Right!

What about dope
What about religion
Sniff it through a cane
Going straight to your braincells
What about copying
Who's the original?
Do I copy you? Do you copy me?
And if I can't copy you
Am I a genuine original?
Damn!!! Right!

from ORGY OF TOLERANCE by Jan Fabre, 2009

sábado, julho 18, 2009

to sell

John Baldessari, "Tips for Artists Who Want to Sell", 1966/68

quarta-feira, julho 08, 2009

Pina Bausch (1940-2009)