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a p o p l e x i a d a i d e i a
1 novembro / 17:00
r. do rosario, 281

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in nomine matre et filia et corpore insamni

Can it be that in the West, in our time, the female body has been constructed not only as lack or absence but with more complexity, as a leaking, uncontrollable, seeping liquid; as a formless flow; as viscosity, entrapping, secreting; as lacking not so much the phallus but the self-containement - not a cracked or porous vessel, like a leaking ship, but a formlessness that engulfs all form, a disorder that threatens all order? (Grosz)

Charcot, hysterics of the Salpêtrière

Australia - United Kingdom, 2005 | 10 minutes |
Director Cordelia Beresford | Choreography Narelle
Benjamin | Music Huey Benjamin

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second skin, second body

Pinar Yolacan ...
series "Perishables", 2004 & "Maria", 2007

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It Never Changes To Stop
Sit up straight and be quiet,
Sit down, son.
Sit up straight in your seat,
And I do not want any more talking, any more moving about, at all.

Absolutely still, absolutely quiet.
Look up here. Look up here!Let me have your undivided attention.
Nobody talking, nobody moving,
Absolutely (snap) nobody looking around.
Alright put your hands down, eyes (snap) closed.
Close your eyes, eyes closed.
Come on, right now, come on.
Nobody moving, nobody talking.
Absolutely still, every eye closed.

And, uh, he thought he could, um, uh, he could stop when he wanted to, that he can stop, you know, when he wants to stop. And, uh, I don't think that he ever really believed that he couldn't stop. I really believe it. I think that he really felt that he could stop whenever he wanted to.

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daí e daqui - espaços limítrofes ou da atropia das cinco

"Volgens de regels
Jij speelt een spel.

Jij werkt volgens de regels, maar zegt niet, na afloop

geef hem een dag de tijd om uit het zicht te raken

Jij vraagt mij

of hij het halen zal

of een dag een eeuwigheid, een uur genoeg zal zijn.

Ik herhaal wat jij aftelt en zie dat het klopt.

Hoe het binnen de regels past –

Niet meer bewegen, een blinddoek voordoen, ons verstoppen.

Het is ons allemaal gegund."

Jan Baeke

According to the rules
You play a game.

You work according to the rules, but don’t say, afterwards

give him a day to get out of sight.

You ask me

if he will make it

if a day, an eternity, an hour will be enough.

I repeat what you count out and see that it works.

How it fits within the rules –

Don’t move again, put a blindfold on, hide ourselves.

We are given it all in all.

© Translation: 2001, Rod Mengham and Jan Baeke


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Every man´s life is a fairytale...


“My childhood has never lost its magic, it has never lost its mystery, and it has never lost its drama.”

Louise Bourgeois, The Laws of Nature I,II,III,IV,V 2003