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As an artist, I learned from both East (socialism) and West (capitalism). Of course, now when the borders and political systems have changed, such an experience will be no longer possible. But what I have learned from that dialogue, stays with me. My observation and knowledge of Western art has lately led me to a conclusion that art cannot exist... any more in the West. This is not to say that there isn't any. Why cannot art exist any more in the West? The answer is simple. Artists in the West are not lazy. Artists from the East are lazy; whether they will stay lazy now when they are no longer Eastern artists, remains to be seen.

Laziness is the absence of movement and thought, dumb time - total amnesia. It is also indifference, staring at nothing, non-activity, impotence. It is sheer stupidity, a time of pain, futile concentration. Those virtues of laziness are important factors in art. Knowing about laziness is not enough, it must be practised and perfected. Artists in the West are not lazy and therefore not artists but rather producers of something... Their involvement with matters of no importance, such as production, promotion, gallery system, museum system, competition system (who is first), their preoccupation with objects, all that drives them away form laziness, from art. Just as money is paper, so a gallery is a room.


Artists from the East were lazy and poor because the entire system of insignificant factors did not exist. Therefore they had time enough to concentrate on art and laziness. Even when they did produce art, they knew it was in vain, it was nothing.

Artists from the West could learn about laziness, but they didn't. Two major 20th century artists treated the question of laziness, in both practical and theoretical terms: Duchamp and Malevich.

Duchamp never really discussed laziness, but rather indifference and non-work. When asked by Pierre Cabanne what had brought him most pleasure in life, Duchamp said: "First, having been lucky. Because basically I've never worked for a living. I consider working for a living slightly imbecilic from an economic point of view. I hope that some day we'll be able to live without being obliged to work. Thanks to my luck, I was able to manage without getting wet".


Malevich wrote a text entitled "Laziness - the real truth of mankind" (1921). In it he criticized capitalism because it enabled only a small number of capitalists to be lazy, but also socialism because the entire movement was based on work instead of laziness. To quote: "People are scared of laziness and persecute those who accept it, and it always happens because no one realizes laziness is the truth; it has been branded as the mother of all vices, but it is in fact the mother of life. Socialism brings liberation in the unconscious, it scorns laziness without realizing it was laziness that gave birth to it; in his folly, the son scorns his mother as a mother of all vices and would not remove the brand; in this brief note I want to remove the brand of shame from laziness and to pronounce it not the mother of all vices, but the mother of perfection". Finally, to be lazy and conclude: there is no art without laziness.


Mladen Stilinovic

Born in 1947 in Belgrade (Yugoslavia). Member of an informal group "Six Authors", which had a significant impact on the development of radical Croatian art in the second half of the seventies. Lives in Zagreb (Croatia).


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Men Spring /Summer 2008

Sex Clown, Walter van Beirendonck

Berhard Willhelm 2008 I fotos: Lukas Wassmann

P.S.- “Don’t be afraid, in the end there is always a simple T-shirt telling the same story”.

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"A Blogger fala francês e toca piano. Ah, putain! Que em inglês quer dizer Vladimir Putin.

Isto é mesmo a Blogger a calar-me, pata pesada sobre a minha cabeça e eu a dizer umas coisas pela porta do cavalo. Ah putain que em português quer dizer olá world no Sapo."

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Luiz Pacheco,escritor, sofre de asma brônquica. Calvície precoce. Fractura do úmero devido a tentativa de suicídio na Av. De Berna. Queda de dentes natural quase total. Efizema pulmonar bilateral diagnosticado em 1958, obrigado a uso permanente de botija de oxigénio, à noite e ao levantar. Hérnias inquinais não operadas com uso de funda dupla. Hipersensibilidade ao álcool, o que o conduziu a uma fraudulenta fama de alcoólico incorrigível. Tratamento de desintoxicação no Centro António Flores, ambulatório e dois internamentos. Miopia e astigmatismo, quase cegueira. Bissexual assumido. Leve surdez do ouvido esquerdo. Andropausa total. Três mulheres reconhecidas. Três estadias no Limoeiro: 1957, 1959, 1968. Duas estadias na cadeia das Caldas da Rainha: 1967, 1968. Prisões ocasionais e breves em esquadras da polícia. Autor, entre outros títulos, de: Literatura Comestível, O libertino passeia por Braga, A Idolátrica, O Seu Esplendor, Exercícios de Estilo, Comunidade.

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LUIZ PACHECO _ 1925.2008

Obrigado meu grande filho da puta por todas as verdades que disseste e pelo modo como as escrevestes, pela tua vida não servil, és dos poucos deste burgo que nunca vou esquecer.
p.m. 6.1.2008

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Bagged It
Mrs. Laura Hughes

going back never really meant going home