domingo, janeiro 04, 2009

Peter Fuss's billboards

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intruso disse...

[ Bom 2009! ]

vera. disse...

boas sinaléticas para 2009 (humor e expectativas)

[a] disse...

'every day i am. i get up. i eat. i go out.
sometimes i feel well. sometimes i have a flu. sometimes i'm tired. sometimes i'm happy.
and around me is the world.
wars. riots. presidents and prime ministers.
newspapers. the internet. news. advertisments.
and other people.
which i know well. and which i meet the first time.
sometimes it's hot. sometimes it rains.
strikes. accidents. disasters. spilt tea. a lost key.'
a new year
hope and fear

[também já andou pelo A, a long time ago]

intruso disse...

[not so long ago... i remember]

(estes recentes 'billboards' são especialmente actuais... muito '2009', por bons e maus motivos)


merdinhas disse...

Art is boring...

tu não me digas isso.

Anónimo disse...

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