quarta-feira, outubro 22, 2008

in nomine matre et filia et corpore insamni

Can it be that in the West, in our time, the female body has been constructed not only as lack or absence but with more complexity, as a leaking, uncontrollable, seeping liquid; as a formless flow; as viscosity, entrapping, secreting; as lacking not so much the phallus but the self-containement - not a cracked or porous vessel, like a leaking ship, but a formlessness that engulfs all form, a disorder that threatens all order? (Grosz)

Charcot, hysterics of the Salpêtrière

Australia - United Kingdom, 2005 | 10 minutes |
Director Cordelia Beresford | Choreography Narelle
Benjamin | Music Huey Benjamin

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