domingo, setembro 14, 2008

He seemed impressed by the way you came in.
"Tell us a story
I know you're not boring"

I was afraid that you would not insist.
"You sound so sleepy
just take this, now leave me"

I said please don't slow me down
If I'm going too fast
You're in a strange part of our town...
Now every time that I look at myself
"I thought I told you
this world is not for you"

The room is on fire as she's fixing her hair
"you sound so angry
just calm down, you found me"

"Pretense or artifice simply raises the stakes to such a level that it activates what is perhaps dangerous or unstable about that relationship to begin with. So I feel that that’s a deeper human issue of empathy- a kind of innate sense of or capacity for empathy that one person feels for the other- that a dramatic situation elevates. I think it’s a very abstract, basic human identification that theater- or any performative medium- activates."
- Catherine Sullivan

(text: The Strokes, Reptilia)

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merdinhas disse...

"What Ever Happened?"

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gostei mesmo!

Vera disse...

espectacular os videos...particularmente o segundo

Mónica disse...

tectos up side down